Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Well exhausting day today - blowing a complete hooley out there - which drives everyone around the bend, horses, children, grown ups. Saturday looms every closer and have got to the stage where I will be very happy to get on with it!

In our Wednesday morning Eucharist this morning I wanted to share with everyone something of how the process has been for us over the last few days; the stress of the radio thing on Sunday morning and now the problems with the insurance. The point that I tried to end up making was that although the higher you climb the further you have to fall - if we really want to tell people just how much God can achieve in your life then sometimes we have to put ourselves on the line. Now anyone who knows me knows that standing in the middle of Norwich with a 'Street Pastor' sign on my back or proclaiming the 'Good News' on a beach mission - really isn't my thing; just the thought of the 99 out of 100 people who would walk past thinking I was some kind of looney is too much for my obviously fragile ego! However, what I do feel called to do is in some small way start to change the way people perceive the Church of England. I know that many people out there think of the Church as some kind of slightly musty smelling maiden Aunt - I want to make even the smallest contribution to changing that perception .

Maybe Soul Circus can do that maybe it can't but whatever the outcome no one will be able to say we didn't try.

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