Monday, 12 December 2011

It's a strange feeling - being ASC (after Soul Circus) in the Cathedral for 2011 at least. A disquieting mixture of sadness, relief and apprehension. Sadness, because it's over and I'm a little at a loss; relief, because it went as well as, if not much better than we could have expected and apprehension at the thought that we have to somehow match what we achieved on Saturday night the next time. However, all in all I am thrilled with how it went, although I feel we/I can't afford to rest on our laurels, SC has another gig on 5th February, which isn't that far away and I/we have to start thinking about that, planning it, wondering how different it needs to be, wondering what Soul Circus is, wondering how much needs to change and how much doesn't, what stays in, what doesn't, wondering how much of what we created on Saturday might be what we are about in the longer term. To get to where we got to in the Cathedral, Robin and I spent many hours talking about the concepts behind the end product. Now to many people that would seem to be a waste of time, but I think that as far as SC is concerned, this attempt to really get to the bottom of what we are trying to achieve, or not, or question, or get away from, or deconstruct helps us to have a clearer understanding of what gets included in that end product. Well that's the theory anyway! I think/hope that because Robin and I come, seemingly, from such differing ends of the churchmanship scale we can challenge each other in some particularly creative ways and I hope that this might be one of the things that makes SC unique. (I have to say, however, that this hole exercise is increasingly making me question the extent to which our apparently differing theologies are actually that different - and I think this sympathy (?) isn't peculiar to Robin and I, it extends to many people who might have considered themselves to reside predominately in one camp or the other, theologically that is.)

Well, there is, I am sure, much more to say, however, it is getting late and I have a full day tomorrow - but remind me to tell you about the V & A exhibition I went to today on Post Modernism, it was a trip down memory lane and very thought provoking.

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