Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hello out there!

So - what to write?!! It's hard to image that the random stuff that goes on in my head could be remotely interesting to anyone other than me - but I realised this morning that as I am meant to be writing a journal for my next Masters module an easy way to get the work done might be to write a Soul Circus blog.

So what will I write - well I suppose longer versions of the random stuff that I might otherwise post onto Facebook. I could tell you about the books that I am reading (or not reading as the case may be) thoughts that I've had, conversations that have sparked thoughts, etc etc. So thought for today - Hmmmmmm.........

Actually I'm pretty overwhelmed with thoughts and planning for Saturday and Soul Circus' opening service. Epic studios, are causing problems with regards to the stuff they were supposed to be lending us - so at the very last minute I am now worrying about whether we are going to have to take out special insurance to cover the equipment we are borrowing. And apparently it's the borrowing part that is the problem if we were hiring it we would be covered by their insurance. Ha Ha he he - it's all good fun. Let you know how it transpires.

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